‘‘I lifted the bucket up to his lips. He drank, his eyes closed. It was as sweet as a celebration. This water was something quite different than ordinary nourishment. It was born of a walk beneath the stars, from the warbling of the pulley, and from the effort of my arms when I lifted it. It was good for the heart, like a gift.’’

  Le Petit Prince,  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our Values

At the heart of our passion,it is the daily observation of our vineyard that guides us.

Reinventing and experimenting is key in our work.

Every year it’s the same vineyard but yet it’s always different … and so is the wine.

The poetry of wine, its life, the emotion that emerges from it, that is what we care about.

The mystery of each vintage is revealed: it offers itself for enjoyment in a friendly atmosphere and opens us up a world of exchanges, pleasure and complicity.


The harmony of the vine, the soil and its environment

Biodynamics is the difference provided by a rural-focused approach full of common sense: to find the harmony of the vine, the soil and its environment.

Our vineyard activity is directly related to nature, from the infinitely small microbial life of the soils, to the infinitely large planets and cosmos that influence our agricultural practices and our wines.

Our estate, formerly dedicated to mixed farming, has always maintained rich biodiversity and preserved its influence in the exchanges of the vineyard with its environment.

We have been present on the property since 1990, and chose to run the entire estate according to biodynamic agriculture following the harvest in 2000.

Our wines are been certified as organic (Ecocert label) since 2004 and biodynamic (Demeter label) since 2010.

Our Terroir

The land and our attachment to it

It is typified by two types of unique soils:

The upper-side of the vineyard :

a loam-clay plateau, of the boulbene type with manganic-ferric outcrops, which can very quickly pass from a muddy consistency to the hardness of concrete; it is the soil that controls the work, as if the tools had to coax it into to letting itself be worked.

The lower side :

a beautiful brown earth that “sticks to the feet”, the clay sometimes wrenches off your boots … A mix of limestone and flint – whose friction and the charred smell it gives off fascinates children and sometimes perfumes the wine – bring freshness and rectitude in our wines.